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How to Determine If a Career in Internal Medicine Is Right for You

Interested in medicine but don't know what specialty to pursue? Consider a future in internal medicine! Here's what to know straight from an internist. read more

Practicing Internist and Primary Care Physician

Stress, Burnout, and Emotion Management Tips for Health Care Students

Health care is a stressful field for both professionals and students. Learn why maintaining your mental health is important now and in a future medical career. read more

CollegeXpress Student Writer

Top 7 Tips to Help You Prepare for the MCAT

The MCAT is a big step on your way to medical school. Get ready for your big test day with these seven tips on preparing and studying. read more

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Top Academic Paths to Help You Pursue Nursing and Medical Careers

Nurses and doctors are in high demand, and aspiring health care professionals should know what their higher education options are. Learn more here! read more

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Great Colleges and Universities for Health and Medicine in the Northeast

Hoping to study health and medicine when you go off to college? These schools in the Northeast are perfect for students interested in medical fields! read more


Dentistry: A Great Career Path and How to Get There

Dentistry is a lucrative and rewarding career to go into. Here's why it's a great choice, what to know about field specializations, and how to get started. read more

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How to Pursue Your Interest in Pre-med in High School

Want to see if pre-med is the right path for you? Here's how to create your own opportunities and get a taste for the medical field in high school. read more

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Adulting 101: An Introduction to Health Care and Insurance

"Adulting 101" is a six-week series to assist with your transition from college to the real world. This week's topic: health care and insurance. read more

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Video Game Psychology: The Science that Goes Into Making Games Exciting

What makes playing video games so enjoyable? And what makes some games not so fun? Why is a game too hard for one person but not another? That's up to video game psychologists to figure out! read more

Research Psychologist; Science in Action Representative, American Psychological Association

5 Tips for High School Students Considering a Career in Medicine

Are you motivated by challenges? Are you compassionate? Do biology and scientific knowledge inspire you? If that sounds like you, these tips can help you in your future in medicine. read more


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