Who can help me write my college application essay?

Kim LiftonKim Lifton
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Writing is not a group activity, and you should always write your college application essay on your own. You can get guidance, but make sure it is the right kind of help. Be careful what kind of help you seek out, and how you accept that help. There is a fine line between getting help and having someone write an essay for you.

Calvin Wise, Johns Hopkins University Senior Associate Director of Admissions (and every admission officer we’ve ever asked) says he can always tell when essays are over-edited or written by someone else. “They don’t shine through the process as well because we’re not hearing their voice,” Wise says. “The essay is a student’s opportunity to speak directly to the admissions office, and we want to hear a 17-year-old’s voice.”

Many colleges that require essays will scrutinize any they believe have been forged, borrowed, heavily edited, or influenced by someone other than the applicant. Some colleges have instituted their own verification processes, while others have contracted with businesses that double check essays for plagiarism. You may be denied admission if this is suspected, and you may never know that is the reason.


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