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3 Easy Ways to Exercise (Without Hitting the Gym!)

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Don’t have time to hit the school fitness center, but feeling the need to work out? Or maybe you feel uncomfortable with the gym atmosphere and would like to exercise in an alternative manner? Either way, you’ve come to the right website. Here are a few easy ways to get your daily dose of exercise without visiting the gym.

1. Take a walk

Incredibly basic, we know—but seriously, walking is an underrated form of fitness, and it's so easy to do! According to the American Heart Association, walking does a slew of good things for your health. It can improve your blood pressure, reduce the risk of cancer, decrease the chance of heart disease and even boost your mental health—not to mention, it burns a few calories and helps to maintain your weight. This one’s perfect for spring, so lace up your tennis shoes and take a walk around campus—you’ll find it refreshing.

2. Watch YouTube

Yeah, you read that right. Surf YouTube for workout videos that are simple to emulate in your dorm! We recommend Body Talk Daily Videos for quick exercises—they’re great if you’ve got a big load of homework waiting for you on your desk. If you’re looking for something a bit more extensive, try this video which is tailored for dorm living. Round up your roommates and have a little fun.

3. Ride your bike

Biking is the perfect exercise for college students living in a college town. Ride your bike to class, ride your bike to the store, ride your bike to your friend’s apartment. The health benefits are plentiful. According to the Better Health Channel, if you’re bicycling on a regular basis, you’re improving your cardiovascular fitness, reducing stress, improving your posture, and strengthening your muscles. Bonus: if you have a car, this will save you gas money.

Hitting the gym for a few hours isn’t the only method for exercising. There are alternative ways to work out which are just as advantageous to your well-being. These three easy modes of exercise will leave you feeling healthy and happy.

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