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Science & Engineering Profile

Science and engineering touches almost every hour of your day.

From the technology that powers your home to the fuel, roads and vehicles that get you to work or play. From the laptop or phone that gives you access to a world of knowledge and fun to the medical advancements that improve your life.

It’s your passion that will drive our world forward. And at Ole Miss, you’ll pair that passion with the skills you need to solve the world’s problems and play a part in advancing our world. At the University of Mississippi, our faculty will challenge and help to refine you in such a way that you can lead in a powerful way.

The programs and the experiences you need to succeed
Look, picking a program of study is important. And Ole Miss, we have them. From the social and natural sciences like Psychology, Sociology, Biology, and Chemistry to the engineering programs like Biomedical and Chemical, there’s many ways to study science and engineering at the University of Mississippi. Just as important is the experience and opportunities you’ll receive in these programs. At Ole Miss, we blend top-notch academic programs with an experience like no other. You can work side by side with seasoned researchers, faculty members, engineers, and other professionals to become more competitive when you enter the job market with a degree. 

Networking, networking, networking
In the sciences, collaboration is the name of the game—you can’t just keep your nose in a book all day! Cross-discipline organizations, student groups, and access to school alumni at Ole Miss provide you not only with a wealth of knowledge, but allow you the chance to build connections with others. 

Find your passion and build your legacy in the sciences and engineering at the University of Mississippi.

It’s a place where top notch academic programs meet a college experience that is unrivaled. Study alongside researchers and practitioners that can provide you with an unparalleled support network and the opportunities to ensure that you reach your goals and realize your true potential.

Points of Pride

• Over $17 million in scholarship funds were granted to Ole Miss Engineering students in 2020

• Our Center for Graphene Research and Innovation is discovering new applications for graphene—including use on the International Space Station.

• The Center for Diagnostics, Design, Devices and Biomechanics connects science, medicine, and engineering to identify new surgical approaches and practices.

An Inside Look

What students are saying about us...

  • “The professors really care about their research and recruit students, even freshmen.”

    • Yasmeen Abdo, ‘19
  • “The education you receive is top tier, with a high acceptance rate to professional schools. The research climate is one of the primary factors that encouraged me to attend.”

    • Wilson Benton, ‘18