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Ithaca, NY

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What sets Cornell apart?

Our people
Cornell University attracts researchers, thinkers, scholars, inventors, scientists, humanitarians, and idea leaders from around the world. A genuine sense of camaraderie—particularly between faculty and students—fosters a collaborative community, while supportive staff help guide students through their life at Cornell. Students develop cross-disciplinary friendships and partnerships that last a lifetime.

Our setting
The Ithaca campus is set on a hill overlooking Cayuga Lake with waterfalls, lakes, botanical gardens, and historic buildings. Ithaca is small enough that it’s easy to find your way around and large enough that it has more restaurants per capita than New York City.

Our facilities
Cornell has outstanding research and teaching facilities, including new buildings for Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Engineering, and Art, Architecture & Planning. These facilities have numerous labs that foster research in nanotechnology, sustainability, energy, creativity, arts, social sciences, and human health.

Our values
Our philosophy of academic freedom with responsibility helps our students become flexible, collaborative, and innovative thinkers. Our field structure is cross-disciplinary by design and truly unique. We believe that diverse perspectives enhance our community, and the Cornell Graduate School actively recruits, welcomes, and supports students from historically underrepresented groups and students who may be the first in their families to attend college.

Our fields
Many of our nearly 100 graduate fields of study rank in the top 10 nationally. Our programs create innovative pathways to knowledge and understanding in a broad range of research areas. All our programs hone students’ intellectual and creative leadership skills. 

Our research
Cornell is one of the top research institutions in the world, with more than $802 million devoted to research spending. In the most recent report, we ranked third in funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF). The Graduate School is committed to supporting graduate education and provides significant funding for the majority of our PhD students. 

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86 Graduate Program Options Offered

Program Certificate Master's Doctorate
Campus Hybrid Online Campus Hybrid Online Campus Hybrid Online
Aerospace Engineering              
Agronomy, Plant Science              
Animal Science              
Art and Fine Arts                
Asian Studies                
Astronomy and Astrophysics                
Atmospheric Science              
Biomedical Engineering              
Biomedical Science                
Botany and Plant Sciences                
Business-Management, MS/MA                
Cell & Molecular Biology                
Chemical Engineering              
Civil Engineering              
Communication Studies                
Comparative Literature                
Computer Science              
Creative Writing                
Electrical Engineering              
Engineering Management                
Environmental Engineering              
Food Science              
Historic Preservation                
Information Systems                
LLM's - Masters of Law                
Landscape Architecture                
Material Science              
Mechanical Engineering              
Modern & Romance Languages                
Plant Pathology              
Psychology - General                
Public Health                
Real Estate                
Science - Other                
Software Engineering              
Systems Engineering              
Theater and Drama                

Located in Ithaca, NY

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Why Consider Cornell?

Our cross-disciplinary graduate field system
Our engaged graduate faculty
Our genuine sense of community
Our culture of exploration and innovation

Graduate Programs of Study

• Architecture (MArch I and II, MS, PhD)
• Art (MFA)
• Asian Literature, Religion, & Culture (MA, PhD)
• Classics (PhD)
• Comparative Literature (PhD)
• Creative Writing (MFA)
• English Language & Literature (PhD)
• Germanic Studies (PhD)
• History (PhD)
• History of Art & Archaeology (PhD)
• Medieval Studies (PhD)
• Music (DMA, PhD)
• Near Eastern Studies (PhD)
• Philosophy (PhD, PhD/JD dual degree)
• Romance Studies (PhD)
• Science & Technology Studies (PhD)
• Theatre Arts (PhD)

Life Sciences
• Animal Science (MPS in Agriculture & Life Sciences, MS, PhD)
• Biochemistry, Molecular & Cell Biology (PhD)
• Biophysics (PhD)
• Comparative Biomedical Sciences—Veterinary Medicine (PhD)
• Computational Biology (PhD)
• Ecology & Evolutionary Biology (MS, PhD)
• Entomology (MS, MS/PhD, PhD)
• Environmental Toxicology (MS, PhD)
• Food Science & Technology (MS, PhD)
• Genetics, Genomics & Development (PhD)
• Horticulture (MPS in Agriculture & Life Sciences, MS, PhD)
• Immunology & Infectious Disease (PhD)
• Microbiology (PhD)
• Molecular & Integrative Physiology (PhD)
• Natural Resources (MS, MS/PhD, PhD)
• Neurobiology & Behavior (PhD)
• Nutrition (MPS in Human Ecology, PhD)
• Pharmacology (PhD)
• Plant Biology (PhD)
• Plant Breeding (PhD)
• Plant Pathology & Plant-Microbe Biology (MPS in Agriculture & Life Sciences, MS, MS/PhD, PhD)
• Plant Protection (MPS)
• Psychology (PhD)
• Public Health (MPH)
• Soil & Crop Sciences (MPS in Agriculture and Life Sciences, MS, PhD)
• Zoology & Wildlife Conservation (PhD)

Social Sciences
• Africana Studies (PhD)
• Anthropology (MA, PhD)
• Applied Economics & Management (MPS in Agriculture & Life Sciences, MS, PhD)
• Archaeology (MA)
• Asian Studies (MA)
• City & Regional Planning (MRP, MRP/MLA dual degree, PhD)
• Communication (PhD)
• Design & Environmental Analysis (MA, MS, PhD)
• Developmental Sociology (MS/PhD, PhD)
• Economics (PhD)
• Global Development—International Agricultural & Rural Development (MPS)
• Global Development—International Development (MPS)
• Government (PhD)
• Historic Preservation (MA)
• Hotel Administration (MMH, MS, PhD)
• Human Development (MA, PhD, PhD/JD dual degree)
• Industrial & Labor Relations (MILR, MILR/PhD dual degree, MPS, MS, MS/PhD)
• Information Science (MPS, PhD)
• Information Science—Information Systems (MS)
• Landscape Architecture (MLA, MLA/MPS dual degree, MPS)
• Law (JD, JSD, LLM)
• Linguistics (PhD)
• Management (MBA, PhD)
• Policy Analysis & Management (PhD)
• Policy Analysis & Management—Health Administration (MHA, MHA/MBA, MHA/MPA)
• Public Affairs (MPA, MPA/MHA dual degree)
• Real Estate (MPS/MBA dual degree, MPS/RE)
• Regional Science (MA, MS, PhD)
• Sociology (MA, PhD)
• Statistics (MPS in Applied Stats, PhD)

Physical Sciences & Engineering
• Aerospace Engineering (MEng, PhD)
• Applied Mathematics (PhD)
• Applied Physics (MEng in Engineering Physics, MS, PhD)
• Astronomy & Space Sciences (PhD)
• Atmospheric Sciences (MS, PhD)
• Biological & Environmental Engineering (MEng, MPS in Agriculture & Life Sciences, MS, PhD)
• Biomedical Engineering (MEng, MS, PhD)
• Chemical Engineering (MEng, MS, PhD)
• Chemistry & Chemical Biology (PhD)
• Civil & Environmental Engineering (MEng, MS, PhD)
• Computer Science (MEng, PhD)
• Electrical & Computer Engineering (MEng, PhD)
• Engineering Management—CEE (MEng)
• Fiber Science & Apparel Design (MA, MS, PhD)
• Geological Sciences (MEng, MS, PhD)
• Human Ecology (MPS)
• Materials Science & Engineering (MEng, MS, PhD)
• Mathematics (PhD)
• Mechanical Engineering (MEng, PhD)
• Operations Research & Information Engineering (MEng, PhD)
• Physics (PhD)
• Systems Engineering (MEng, PhD in Systems)
• Systems Engineering (MEng)(distance learning option)
• Theoretical & Applied Mathematics (MEng, PhD)

Other Graduate & Professional Degrees Offered by:
• College of Veterinary Medicine 
• Cornell Tech 
• Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences
• Weill Cornell Medical College 

Student Body

6,200 students

6,100 full-time

100 part-time




Application Fee
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Admissions Office
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