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A Graduate School of Education, Health & Psychology

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5,000+students from all 50 states, DC, and 84 nations

13.3% African American

14.6% Asian American

13.5%Hispanic or Latino/a


Areas of Study & Academic Programs

International & Transcultural Education
• Anthropology & Education
• Applied Anthropology
• Applied Linguistics
• Bilingual/Bicultural Education
• Comparative & International Education
• History & Education
• International Educational Development
• Philosophy & Education
• TESOL: Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

Leadership & Administration
• Adult Learning & Leadership
• Arts Administration
• Curriculum & Teaching
• Education Leadership
• Executive Master’s in Change Leadership
• Executive Program for Nurses
• Higher & Postsecondary Education
• Learning & Education Change—Singapore
• Private School Leadership—Klingenstein
• Private School Leadership—Klingenstein/Columbia Business School (Dual Master’s)
• Public School Building Leadership
• Urban Education Leaders Program

Educational Technology & Digital Media
• Communication
• Computing in Education (Online)
• Design & Development of Digital Games
• Instructional Technology & Media
• Learning Analytics
• Technology Specialist

The Arts
• Art & Art Education
• Arts Administration
• Dance Education
• Music & Music Education

• Applied Statistics
• Clinical Psychology
• Cognitive Science in Education
• Counseling Psychology
• Developmental Psychology
• Executive Master’s in Change Leadership
• Learning Analytics
• Measurement & Evaluation
• Psychological Counseling: Bilingual Latina/o Studies
• Psychological Counseling: Mental Health/School Counselor
• Psychology in Education
• Psychology in Education: Spirituality Mind Body
• Reading Specialist
• School Psychology
• Social-Organizational Psychology

• Economics & Education
• Education Policy
• History & Education
• Philosophy & Education
• Politics & Education
• Sociology & Education

• History & Education
• Philosophy & Education
• Special Education
- Applied Behavior Analysis
- Deaf & Hard of Hearing
- Developmental Disabilities (Online Option)
- Early Childhood Education
- Elementary Inclusive Education
- Gifted Education
- Intellectual Disability/Autism
- Physical Disabilities
- Secondary Inclusive Education
- Severe or Multiple Disabilities
• Teaching of English/English Education
• Teaching of Social Studies

Teacher Education & Teacher Certification
• Applied Behavior Analysis
• Art & Art Education
• Bilingual/Bicultural Education
• Communication Sciences & Disorders
• Curriculum & Teaching (Elementary or Secondary)
• Dance Education
• Deaf & Hard of Hearing
• Early Childhood Education
• Elementary Inclusive Education
• Gifted Education
• Intellectual Disability/Autism
• Literacy Specialist
• Mathematics Education
• Music & Music Education
• Physical Education
• Reading Specialist
• Science Education
• Secondary Inclusive Education
• Severe or Multiple Disabilities
• Teaching of English/English Education
• Teaching of Social Studies
• Technology Specialist

Health Sciences, Promotion & Advocacy
• Applied Physiology
• Behavioral Nutrition
• Communication Sciences & Disorders
• Community Health Education
• Community Nutrition Education
• Curriculum & Teaching in Physical Education
• Diabetes Education & Management (Online)
• Executive Program for Nurses
• Health Education
• Kinesiology
• Motor Learning
• Movement Sciences & Education
• Neuroscience & Education
• Nursing Education (Online)
• Nutrition & Exercise Physiology
• Nutrition & Public Health
• Nutrition Education
• Physical Education

Prepare to lead
Located in the heart of New York City, Teachers College, Columbia University is the academic home of emerging changemakers who discover, create, and break new ground. While its name reflects a dedication to producing quality educators, Teachers College offers more than 100 academic programs that span four core areas of expertise: education, health, psychology, and leadership. 

Prepare to make a difference
Students in TC’s Education programs examine complex social and political processes, cultural theory, transcultural identity, sociolinguistics, and multiculturalism. They develop a broad and deep understanding of the theory, history, and philosophy of education, and they graduate fully prepared to meet New York State requirements for initial, professional, and specialized certifications. The programs provide extensive student teaching opportunities in classrooms across New York City—the nation’s largest and most diverse school system—and graduates are among the most highly sought-after candidates for teaching positions in New York and nationwide. 

Prepare to understand
Students pursuing degrees in Health Sciences and Human Development gain essential theoretical and clinical experience from distinct and overlapping fields that include language, movement, neuroscience, and nutrition. Through theoretical and clinical training in our neuroscience and speech pathology labs, research centers, and clinics, they learn to identify and address barriers to physical and cognitive well-being. Students further their careers or embark on new ones—becoming speech pathologists, exercise physiologists, researchers, evaluation specialists, nutritionists, neuropsychologists, and occupational therapists. 

Prepare to change minds
Psychology has been a cornerstone of Teachers College since its founding in 1887. Some students prepare for research careers in academia or industry; others work in schools or private practice. Many seek to address the educational, professional, and other psychological needs of a broad crosssection of individuals, families, organizations, schools, and communities worldwide. Emphasizing the link between research and practice, Psychology at Teachers College synthesizes an abiding commitment to social justice with an insistence on rigorous scientific method.

Prepare to grow
Students in Teachers College Leadership, Administration, and Policy programs—many of whom are already accomplished professionals—come to Teachers College to enhance their visions of creating meaningful learning and service environments, to shape public discourse, and to effect policy changes that benefit children and families. They explore issues such as organizational effectiveness, group dynamics and team building, managing organizational conflict, behavioral research, and organization change. 

Our rising leaders draw from programs that seamlessly weave together research and analysis with academic and theoretical knowledge. Students learn through practice in fellowships, internships, colloquia, and networking activities that all lead to impressive careers as principals, administrators, executives, mediators, researchers, policy analysts, consultants, trainers, and public officials.

Prepare to join a legacy
TC’s 90,000+ alumni build on the knowledge and experience they gained at Teachers College to improve lives around the globe. In turn, they bring their insights from the field back to the College to ensure the College remains at the cutting edge. Alumni collectively extend the College’s legacy and impact to diverse fields.

Prepare to apply
Teachers College welcomes applicants with a proven desire to contribute to a smarter, healthier, more equitable and just society. For program-specific information on the application process, deadlines, and requirements, visit tc.edu/admission.

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94 Graduate Programs Offered

Program Certificate Master's Doctorate
Campus Hybrid Online Campus Hybrid Online Campus Hybrid Online
Adult Education              
Applied Behavior Analysis              
Arts Management                
Clinical Psychology              
Cognitive Science              
Communication Sci & Disorders              
Counseling & Therapy                
Counseling Psychology PhD                
Developmental Psychology              
Early Childhood Education              
Education of the Deaf              
Education of the Gifted                
Educational Administration              
Educational Leadership              
Educational Policy                
Educational Technology              
Elementary Education                
Health Education            
Higher Education              
Information Technology              
International Development              
International Education              
Nurse Administration              
Nurse Education              
Organizational Psychology              
Organizational Studies & Leadership              
Physical Education                
Post-Secondary Education              
Psychology - General                
Reading & Literacy                
Reading Specialist                
School Counseling              
School Psychology              
Secondary Education                
Special Education                
Speech Pathology              
Student Affairs/Development              
TESOL Education              
Teaching Art              
Teaching English              
Teaching History              
Teaching Math              
Teaching Music              
Teaching Science              


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