Where to Find The Best Monologue for Your College Audition

Finding the perfect college audition monologue can be hard, but sometimes the best monologues can be found in the most unlikely of places.

When auditioning for any type of production, it’s crucial that you choose a monologue that reflects your personal style. However, there are some monologues that are better then others when it comes to auditioning for college performing arts programs.

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Some monologues are over used, some have foul language that directors and judges usually don’t like to hear, and some just don’t showcase young talent very well. With all these guidelines in place, finding the perfect college audition monologue can be hard, but sometimes the best monologues can be found in the most unlikely of places. Here are some tips for where you can find the best monologue to showcase your personality and talent in your college auditions.

College websites

Some colleges that offer degrees in the performing arts will post suggestions on their websites for which plays to look through for the perfect monologue for those auditioning. Usually there will be a list for both males and females with a wide range of suggestions for all types of personalities. In addition to those lists, there will often be another area in which they tell you what they don’t want to see and give you suggestions of plays you might want to avoid. While on the college website, it might also be helpful to look back at some of the productions the school’s theater department has performed and look for a monologue from one of them, as colleges often put on unique and perhaps a bit uncommon plays.

Trusted directors and adults

Sometimes finding the perfect monologue can be as simple as asking a trusted director or an adult who has had experience with auditioning, like your director from a community theater show. Those who know you best can help you find a monologue or a play that will fit your personality and help showcase your talents. Directors often know of new or uncommon plays that will be sure to impress the audition judges. If your director doesn’t have any suggestions, then your high school drama teacher might have a few. Finally, you can talk to a representative from the drama department at the school you are auditioning to get into. While they may not know you personally, they might have suggestions for plays that you could read through (or avoid).

Performing arts experts online

In addition to college websites, it might be helpful to search online for audition monologue suggestions as well. There are tons of websites that offer advice from professionals in the performing arts industry on the best monologues for an audition and which plays are overdone. There are also plenty of blogs from students who have their own advice to share from personal experience auditioning. However, make sure you use caution before taking their advice. Some websites are more reliable than others, and you’ll see a lot of conflicting opinions out there, so it’s usually best to get second and third opinion on your monologue.

Monologue books (sort of)

While you should avoid pulling a monologue from a monologue book, as they are usually overdone, monologue books can still be helpful resources. You can look through monologue books to find the ones you connect with, and then look up other plays by the same author. The playwright will most certainly have other plays that are not so overdone that you can choose a monologue from. Although this option might cost money if your local library doesn’t have any monologue books, you can usually find affordable options on Amazon, Ebay, and bookstores in any area. Your high school theater or drama teacher might have monologue books you could borrow too.

The perfect college audition monologue for you is out there, even if it takes some time to find. These are just a few options, but there are always other unlikely places where a monologue can be found. You just have to keep looking.

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