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7 Things to Consider When Choosing a College

These seven basic factors are important to keep in mind when choosing a college. Read them all on CollegeXpress!

by Sabrina Hancock


5 Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing a College

Choosing a college can be a difficult decision. Here are five things to remember when you're choosing what school to commit to.

by Jennifer Benitez


5 Things to Research Again Before Choosing a College

To find out which college is right for you, you need to do consistent research. Here are five factors you should look into again before choosing a college.

by Hunter Freedman


4 Things to Consider When Choosing Electives in College

Electives shouldn't be considered throwaway classes you have to take to earn your college degree. Here's what you should think about when choosing your gen eds.

by Robyn Scott


This or That: What to Consider Before Choosing a College

Public or private? North or South? In state or out of state? Here are some quick questions to ask yourself before choosing the college that's right for you.

by Tia Nanjappan


4 Expert Tips for Choosing Your Best–Fit College Major

Choosing a college major is a huge decision in your higher education journey. Use these four tips to help lead you to the best-fit major for your goals.

by Cathryn Sloane


Choosing a College in the Pacific Northwest

Here are five colleges and universities to check out if you're searching for a school in the Pacific Northwest.

by Brittani Wert


Choosing a University Based on Your Major and Minor

If you know what you want to study in college, choosing the right school just got easier. Here's how to choose based on your intended major or minor!

by Jon Rubenstein


Our Best Advice for Choosing a College Major

Ready to explore different academic fields? Declare a major? Change your major? Create your own? Here's everything you need to know about college majors!

by CollegeXpress


Tips for Choosing Your Senior Year Schedule

Choosing a class schedule for senior year can be a daunting task. Here's how to strike a balance between all your options.

by Hannah Dodson


5 Mistakes Students Make When Choosing a College

National Decision Day will be here before you know it. Here are a few mistakes to avoid while making your final college decision (that day or after)!

by Lindsey Conger


Choosing the Right College for You

If you're just beginning your college search, you may feel overwhelmed by all the information out there and not know where to start. But we've got your back!

by Eden Dorsey


4 Things Not to Overlook When Choosing a College

There are many factors to consider in making your final college decision, but these are four of the more underrated things students shouldn't forget about.

by Brett Odom


The Most Important Factors for Choosing a College

There are many factors to consider as you conduct your search for the right college. These are some of the most important!

by Sara Karnish


Stuck on Choosing a College? Consider These 5 Things

May 1 is right around the corner. If you're still not sure where you want to go to college in the fall, check out these tips before taking the leap!

by Chrissy Ramakrishnan


4 Factors That Impacted My College Decision

A high school senior shares four factors she considered most important when choosing a college.

by Azucena Cortez Pedroza


3 Good Reasons You Should Choose a Christian College

Are you considering a Christian college or university? Check out this student's three reasons for choosing to attend a Christian school this fall!

by Laura Wallace


5 Smart Tips for Choosing Your College Classes

How do you choose classes that fit your major, your interests, and your schedule? It's easier than it sounds. Read a real college student's top tips here!

by Sheridan C. Watkins


How to Choose a College That's Right for You

Brought to you by the experts behind Colleges That Change Lives, here's some great advice on choosing a college that's best suited to your needs and goals.

by Colleges That Change Lives


7 Ways to Narrow Down Your List of College Choices

Choosing a college can be overwhelming, but these tips will help you narrow your search and figure out exactly where you want to go.

by Tyson Schritter