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Junior Year Survival Tips


Read these short posts to get a sense of the junior year college search timeline, getting your college search started, taking standardized tests, dealing with stress, and more. read more

Tips to Help Students Alleviate Stress and Anxiety

CollegeXpress Student Writer

College can be overwhelming sometimes. But students can alleviate feelings of stress and anxiety with these simple lifestyle changes and adjustments to their daily routine. read more

5 Things to Do When You're Feeling Overwhelmed by College

CollegeXpress Student Writer, University of Indianapolis

College is like riding a bike: every time you fall down, you have to get back up. With these tips you'll be able to dust yourself off and continue that uphill battle in no time. read more

Mental Health Awareness Month: Help for Students

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CollegeXpress Student Writers

Critical information and resources that can help students understand different mental health issues, seek or offer help, and raise awareness to end the stigma read more

Need a Quick Study Break From Finals? Check These Out

Assistant Editor, Carnegie Communications

Finals got you stressed? Check out these stress-busting tips, games, and other fun stuff. Because you *need* a break. read more

3 Ways to Avoid Procrastination

High School Student

It's tempting to put assignments off until the last minute. We tell ourselves, "I still have plenty of time. What's the rush?" and the next thing we know, the deadline is quickly approaching... read more

5 Times I Was Really, REALLY Wrong About My College Search

High School Student

Don't let these common college search mistakes happen to you! read more

4 Great Podcasts to Listen to on Your Study Breaks

Student, Flathead High School

Sick of running flashcards? Give you mind a breather with these super interesting podcasts. read more

Movies to Inspire You to Finish Your Second Semester Strong

Student, Emerson College

Second semester got you down? Take a deep breath. And take a break with these six movies! read more

Healthy Stress Management for Students

High School Student

Oftentimes we try so hard to do well in school that we leave our mental and physical health behind. But no more! This year you're going to get all A's and stay healthy. Here's how. read more