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Take Our Quiz! What's Your College Search Style?

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Last Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Are you taking on the college search by storm, or do you need a little motivation to get started? Take this quick and fun quiz to help you determine your college search style. Just keep track of your answers and tally them up at the end. (Then start your search on CollegeXpress here!)

1. It's a typical Sunday afternoon. You are...

a. E-mailing the admission counselor at your top college choice

b. Getting in an extra workout before practice on Monday

c. Wondering when you should get started on your college search

d. Looking through a huge stack of college flyers

2. How would your parents describe your readiness for college?

a. Extremely prepared and knowledgeable, down to the dorm room you’ll be staying in

b. Somewhat ready, but mainly just waiting for a specific scholarship offer

c. Not ready at all—they’re pretty sure you haven’t even started thinking about college.

d. A little all over the place

3. On a college visit, you are most likely to…

a. Already know the history of the school

b. Be most interested in the facilities pertaining to your interests

c. Stay quiet in the back of the group and feel a little overwhelmed

d. Mentally compare this school to others on your list

4. You have an appointment with your guidance counselor... 

a. To further strategize about how to get into your dream school.

b. To refine the list of schools where you can “do your thing.”

c. Because he or she requested that you start thinking of some options for college.

d. To get his or her input on which colleges you should take off your long list.

5. If asked, your friends would say…

a. You know exactly where you want to go to college.

b. They can’t wait to see you take your skills to the next level.

c. They aren’t really sure what your future holds.

d. They’re not sure which school you’re into this month.

Answer key

Mostly A’s: Laser focused

You know exactly what type of college you want to attend, maybe even the exact school.

Good for you: You’ve done your research and know what you want (and don’t want) in a college. You have a timeline and are checking off all of the milestones with a clear vision of what the future holds.

Keep in mind: Be prepared with a plan B. The more narrow your goal, the more difficult it may be to achieve.

Mostly B’s: Slanted

You are willing to go anywhere you can “do your thing.”

Good for you: You are driven by your extracurricular interests and a desire to turn those into a career. As long as you can pursue your passions (sports, music, art, etc.), you’ll travel across the country or stay close to home.

Keep in mind: Even though you’re open minded, be sure you know enough about the school to make sure you will fit in and be comfortable.

Mostly C’s: At a loss

You may not have any idea where you want to go to college at this point, but don’t stress.

Good for you: Unless you are a second-semester senior, you have time to explore your options. You’re enjoying high school and not getting too caught up in the future.

Keep in mind: There are many resources to help you along your college journey (*cough cough* CollegeXpress). Start thinking of what characteristics are important to you and put together a list of possibilities to get started!

Mostly D’s: Indecisive

You’ve already given it some thought and have a lengthy list of colleges you like. However, you’re finding it hard to pick just one.

Good for you: You have a lot of options and are on track to finding the right school for you. Your optimistic approach has given you many possibilities for a successful future.

Keep in mind: You’ll have to narrow down your list eventually. While it might be okay to apply to 10 colleges, ultimately you only get to attend one. Are there any colleges on your list that can be eliminated for one reason or another?

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What college search style did you get? Let us know in the comments! And find even more advice on the college search process in our College Admission section.

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Sydney Missigman

Sydney is a current high school junior living in Arizona. She has never met an extracurricular activity she didn’t like. She is a member of National Honor Society and is involved in her school newspaper, Key Club, tutoring club, and student ambassador program, having leadership roles in many of these. She is in her third year of Spanish classes and is a TA for her Spanish teacher. Sydney loves using the power of the written word to connect with people throughout the world. Her family, studies, and service work are just a few of her many passions.


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