5 Surprising Lessons to Help Get Through High School

High school isn't always easy, but you can make it way easier and more enjoyable for yourself by learning these valuable lessons before it's over.

High school is usually tough at one point or another for most students. Combining secondary-level academics with first jobs, first relationships, college research, and more is a lot for one person to handle no matter who you are. To help you graduate with a good head on your shoulders and more good times than bad, here are a few lessons to learn that’ll help you get through your high school years and beyond.

1. Learn how to cut yourself some slack

Students are expected to do so much these days—there’s more responsibility piled on than many of the generations before you had to deal with. So cut yourself some slack. Give yourself a break. Breathe. No one should be pushing themselves to a breaking point with academics and responsibilities. Yes, you should always try your hardest. But if your hardest is giving you major anxiety and stress, that’s when you need to step back. This will look different for every student. A straight-A student “taking a break” could be allowing themselves a B on an assignment after a really long week. And for a student who’s really struggling, it could mean missing a day of school to rest after doing a ton of extra credit to bring their grade up to a B. Whatever your situation, if you’re doing the work, you also deserve the rest.

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2. Learn how to savor the moments

It may not seem like it now, but high school is going to fly by, and suddenly, you’ll be in college wondering how you got there. Savor all the moments you can while you have them. Have fun with your friends. Put your all into your academics and know you’re setting yourself a good foundation for whatever your future plans may be. Enjoy the special events you only get in high school. Pay more attention to the world around you than what’s on your phone. A more mindful high school life will set you up for a happier future.

3. Learn how to look beyond high school

Speaking of a happier future (and somewhat contradictory to the last lesson…), you should learn early on that high school won’t be forever. While it’s great to savor the good moments, don’t let yourself get so wrapped up in the bad that you can’t see the other side of the situation. High school will end. The hardships you’re facing will be put behind you, and you do have wonderful things waiting for you in the future. Big moments in high school can sometimes feel like the end of the world when really, it’s just the end of your world as it was before you grew from that experience.

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4. Learn how to teach yourself

But aren’t teachers meant to teach us, you ask? Well, yes. But not every teacher is going to be your favorite, and not every teaching style is going to work well for your learning style. Learning the art of teaching yourself will only benefit your academic life. A lot of college work is independent and self-exploratory, and the sooner you develop this skill, the easier that homework, projects, and tests will be for you in both high school and college. Learn how to organize your notes for maximum effectiveness when studying. Learn how to research for more information and seek out answers when you don’t understand something. Learn how to review concepts that give you trouble and find new ways to approach them. These academic skills will take you far beyond education into your adult working life. 

5. Learn how to choose kindness

This may seem obvious—everyone should be nice! But that isn’t often the reality, especially in high school. It’s easier than you think to get caught up in emotions and high school drama and end up doing things you’re not proud of. Although mistakes are inevitable, if you go into every situation remembering to choose kindness, you’ll find yourself looking back on your high school years a lot more fondly later in life. There are things I did in high school that were petty and unfair because I was acting on teen emotions. And I wish I had spent more time appreciating the time I had and the people around me. It won’t always be easy to recognize it, but the moments to choose kindness will present themselves. It’s your choice how you respond.

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High school should be an enjoyable experience for you, but let’s not kid ourselves: we can’t just pretend it’s all sunshine and rainbows. You’re going to face tough times just as anyone does throughout their life—just like we all did when we were high school age. But keep your head up. Think smart and with kindness, and you’re sure to get through it with happy memories and a great foundation for your future.

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