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Great Colleges and Universities in the Midwest That Value Diversity

Start searching for your best-fit college with this list of schools in the Midwest that value what matters most: diversity, equity, and inclusion.

College is a time to explore your identity, be it your culture, sexuality, religion, or another area of life. It’s also a time to learn from others of different backgrounds as they do the same. To ensure you have these life-changing experiences and interactions to help you grow, you need to find a college that supports and uplifts students from all walks of life. Luckily, we have a great place for you to start your search! All these colleges and universities are located in the Midwest United States and have a particular dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusion. The best part is you can connect to any of these schools right from this page by hitting the green “Connect me” buttons—then the schools will reach out to you. Happy searching!

Case Western Reserve University

Case Western Reserve UniversityCase Western Reserve University is a private research university in University Circle, a neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio. Over 5,300 undergraduates from 49 states and 52 countries are enrolled in more than 100 academic programs and benefit from an 11:1 student-faculty ratio. Case Western supports students with resources like Diversity 360 and the Power of Diversity Lecture Series—offered through the Office for Inclusion, Diversity, and Equality—as well as more than 200 student groups such as Alianza Latina/Latino Alliance, oSTEM, Black Student Union, and more.

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Grace College & Seminary

Grace College & SeminaryGrace College & Seminary is a private evangelical Christian institution in Winona Lake, Indiana. Undergraduates from 35 states and 11 countries can choose from over 90 major and minor programs with a 20:1 student-faculty ratio. Grace supports students through the Council for Diversity and Inclusion—which hosts student groups such as the International Club, La Fiesta, Korean Club, the Black Student Association, and more—and also requires a Global Perspectives core class to promote cultural sensitivity and appreciation.

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Miami University–Oxford

Miami University–Oxford logoMiami University–Oxford is a public comprehensive university in Oxford, Ohio. With more than 16,500 undergraduates in 120+ bachelor’s areas of study, Miami provides vibrant residential, community-based, and international programs that involve students in activities to build leadership, citizenship, and character. Students at Miami can take advantage of the Center for Student Diversity & Inclusion and Office of Institutional Diversity & Inclusion, which implement programs, activities, and procedures to enhance the academic success, retention, and personal development of diverse student populations.

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Moody Bible Institute

Moody Bible Institute logoMoody Bible Institute is a private church-affiliated institution located in Chicago, Illinois. Students can choose from more than 20 areas of study—including a Bachelor of Arts in Intercultural Studies—that offer a foundational knowledge of the Bible and theology, while ministry experiences, chapel, internships, conferences, and mission trips help students learn outside the classroom. Moody’s more than 2,100 students participate in 40+ organizations and cross-cultural learning opportunities to help them discover talents and broaden their knowledge of the world.

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North Park University 

North Park University logoNorth Park University is a private Christian comprehensive university in the northwest side of Chicago, Illinois. With a 12:1 student-faculty ratio and an average class size of 17 students, the University offers more than 40 programs, including pre-professional degrees and popular majors in Nursing, Business/Economics, Biology, and Exercise Science. The Office of Diversity and Cultural Life supports North Park students by working with cultural clubs—including Black Student Union, Latinas Unidas, Queer and Allies, and more—student success programming, and promoting student advocacy.

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The Ohio State University

The Ohio State University logoThe Ohio State University is a multi-campus public land-grant university with a main campus in Columbus, Ohio. With a total enrollment of 61,391 and a 19:1 student-faculty ratio, students can choose from over 200 majors led by world-renowned instructors. Ohio State offers resources through the Student Life Multicultural Center; the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, one of the oldest offices of its kind in the nation; and over 1,400 student organizations like Abya Yala and the African American Voices Choir.

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Ohio University

Ohio UniversityOhio University is a comprehensive public university in Athens, Ohio—75 miles southeast of Columbus. With 17,000 undergraduates and a 16:1 student-faculty ratio, students can choose from more than 250 academic programs, including options for learning communities. The University creates an inclusive campus environment with resources like the Multicultural Center, plus clubs and organizations like #SpeakUp, African Students’ Union, Bobcats Lead Change, Chinese Learners Association, and more.

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Saint Louis University

Saint Louis UniversitySaint Louis University is a private Jesuit, Catholic university in St. Louis, Missouri. With 7,984 undergraduates and a 9:1 student-faculty ratio, students can choose from more than 90 undergraduate programs and over 100 graduate and professional programs. SLU supports students through resources such as the Office of Diversity and Community, which includes the Cross Cultural Center and Center for Global Citizenship, as well as organizations like the Asian American Association and Black Student Alliance.

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University of Akron

University of Akron logoThe University of Akron is a public research institution within walking distance of downtown Akron, Ohio. UA enrolls 11,300+ undergraduates in 200 degree programs spanning Engineering, Business, Computer Technology, Health Care, Education, and the Arts & Sciences. Students can get involved in more than 340+ clubs and organizations, many of which are cultural, and underrepresented students have access to exclusive scholarships to make their degrees more financially accessible. 

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University of Chicago

University of ChicagoThe University of Chicago is a private comprehensive university just seven miles south of downtown Chicago, Illinois. With approximately 6,800 undergraduates, UChicago offers more than 50 majors, 40 minors, and a 5:1 student-faculty ratio. Students also benefit from various cultural- and community-based major programs, the Center for Identity + Inclusion, and more than 50 multicultural student organizations, including the African & Caribbean Students Association and the Asian Students Union.

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University of Cincinnati

University of CincinnatiThe University of Cincinnati is a public research institution just two miles from downtown Cincinnati, Ohio. With an enrollment of nearly 47,000 and a 17:1 student-faculty ratio, students at UC can choose from over 350 academic undergraduate programs. The University supports students with resources such as the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Office; the Latinx Student Outreach Program; and organizations like Affirm, the Arab Student Association, the Association for Women of Color in Engineering, and more.

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Wayne State University

Wayne State UniversityWayne State University is a comprehensive public university in Detroit, Michigan. With an enrollment of 24,155 and a student-faculty ratio of 16:1, the University offers 16 undergraduate, 10 graduate, and three certificate programs. Wayne State supports students with resources such as the Office of Multicultural Student Engagement, the Warrior Vision and Impact Program, and over 500 student organizations, including the Bangladeshi Student Association, the Black Student Union, and more. 

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Looking for schools in another part of the US? Check out this list of Great Colleges and Universities in the South That Value Diversity.

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