Carnegie Mellon University

Pittsburgh, PA

Carnegie Mellon University

Pittsburgh, PA

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Carnegie Mellon University challenges the curious and passionate to imagine and deliver work that matters.
A private, global research university, Carnegie Mellon stands among the world's most renowned educational institutions, and sets its own course. Start the journey here.

Over the past 10 years, more than 400 startups linked to CMU have raised more than $7 billion in follow-on funding. Those investment numbers are especially high because of the sheer size of Pittsburgh’s growing autonomous vehicles cluster— including Uber, Aurora, and Argo AI—all of which are here because of their strong ties to CMU.

With cutting-edge brain science, path-breaking performances, innovative startups, driverless cars, big data, big ambitions, Nobel and Turing prizes, hands-on learning, and a whole lot of robots, CMU doesn't imagine the future, we create it. 

Carnegie Mellon approach
Carnegie Mellon’s unique approach goes beyond course requirements. At Carnegie Mellon, premier Fine Arts, Business, and Humanities programs are equally matched by our renowned Technology, Science, and Computer Science programs. More than 1,483 faculty balance teaching and research. Undergraduate students have ample opportunities to work on research projects independently and with preeminent faculty, developing cutting-edge technology every day.

Music, molecular science, acting, analysis, opera, and organic chemistry weave in and out of the lives and minds of Carnegie Mellon students on a daily basis, creating an inner foundation of knowledge that will continue to reveal itself in exciting and unexpected ways throughout the rest of their lives.  

Research—it’s not just for scientists anymore! 
Research is synonymous with Carnegie Mellon; if you’re interested in doing research (and we’re not just talking about in the sciences or engineering), you can do so with faculty who are at the forefront of their respective fields. There are hundreds of research centers and projects to choose from and even undergraduate grants to pursue individual research interests.

Test drive a major 
One of the best ways to learn about Carnegie Mellon is to spend time on campus. Our summer Pre-College Programs will show you what life here is all about, from the classroom to what’s happening on the weekends. Choose from our Advanced Placement/Early Admission credit-bearing program, which allows you to take two courses in Engineering, Computer Science, Humanities and Social Sciences, Math, or Science; one of our Fine Arts programs in Architecture, Art, Design, Drama, or Music; or the National High School Game Academy. We offer the opportunity to experience college in a diverse environment in both the social and educational senses. You’ll have a chance to be inspired by our world-renowned faculty, experience the excitement of campus life, and explore the city of Pittsburgh ( 

What about my future?
The Career and Professional Development Center serves as a bridge from a hands-on classroom environment to opportunities that exist beyond graduation, further preparing you for the real world. It offers career counseling and graduate school planning services in addition to coordinating student employment, internships, and mentorships. The Career and Professional Development Center also provides informational workshops on résumé writing and interviewing techniques to help you land your dream job when you graduate. Our students take advantage of all of these opportunities, with 8,600+ students participating in career coaching sessions, 14,000+ students and alumni attending on-campus career fairs, and 220,000+ job applications being submitted by students through Carnegie Mellon’s online recruiting platform.

A world-class city
Pittsburgh has evolved from a steel town to an internationally recognized city known for its research and industry, medical facilities, corporate headquarters, cultural community, and professional sports teams.

As a student in Pittsburgh, you can explore internship and mentorship opportunities in both the corporate and nonprofit sectors. You can sample courses through cross-registration with nine other institutions in the Pittsburgh Council of Higher Education and experience the arts in the Cultural District.

Carnegie Mellon’s campus borders the residential, educational, and shopping neighborhoods of Oakland, Shadyside, and Squirrel Hill. Within walking distance of campus are coffee shops, restaurants, movie theaters, boutiques, and galleries. Also close by are places of worship for many different religions as well as opportunities to get involved in community service. 


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#6 College of Engineering | U.S. News & World Report, 2022

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CMU at a Glance

Type of School: Private, coeducational four-year university granting bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees 

Schools and Colleges:
• College of Engineering
• College of Fine Arts
• Dietrich College of Humanities & Social Sciences
• Heinz College of Information Systems and Public Policy
• Mellon College of Science
• School of Computer Science
• Tepper School of Business

Size: 148-acre main campus, plus outlying research buildings

Location: Five miles east of downtown Pittsburgh, bordered by 500-acre Schenley Park and three culturally active residential neighborhoods 

Number of Students: 15,818 students (undergraduate and graduate)

Number of Faculty: 1,483

Geographic Diversity: 21% of undergraduates are international students, representing 118 countries.

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