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National Youth Science Camp


The governor of each state helps appoint two newly graduated delegates to this free science camp each year. A roster of educators and researchers leads NYSC, which has three main academic components: 60- to 90-minute lectures that are delivered to the entire camp community; directed study, three 90-minute sessions that consist of roughly 10 students and a presenter and typically involve a larger project or trips to a specific ecological area or scientific facility; and seminars, which are sometimes led by delegates and which may be nonscientific and informal. An unusual aspect of NYSC's session is the well-developed outdoor program: Students engage in a variety of outdoor activities, including overnight backpacking and camping trips that range from short, nature-based hikes to more challenging backpacking treks along rough terrain.

General Info

Name National Youth Science Camp
Location Bartow, WV
Year-round Contacts 304-342-3326
Program Focuses & Features Caving, Hiking, Kayaking, Mountain Biking, Rock Climbing, Science, Ultimate Frisbee
Grade Range (rising grades) PG
Age Range Residential — Coed Ages 17-18
Application Deadline March
Director Andrew N. Blackwood, Director
Residential Fee Free. 3½ weeks.
Year Established 1963
Sponsor National Youth Science Foundation
Dates & Sessions 1 session, 3½ weeks long


Andrew N. Blackwood, Director