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Whitman National Debate Institute


WNDI conducts two- and three-week policy and Lincoln-Douglas debate camps, as well as a weeklong public forum debate session. The first part of the policy debate camp consists of lectures, examples, drills and lab work for affirmative cases, disadvantages, counterplans, kritiks and topicality arguments; the second part features independent research projects, practice and tournament debates, and advanced theory lectures. During the first part of the Lincoln-Douglas camp, the focus is on case construction and value argumentation in both traditional and mainly contemporary styles, along with lab work and practice debates and drills on current Lincoln-Douglas topics. The final week provides time for in-depth topic exploration, extensive work on delivery and presentation, discussion of additional philosophies and value conflict issues, and a round-robin competition. The public forum camp begins with an emphasis on core argument and delivery skills and the development of case and argument preparation. Public forum students engage in frequent practice debates and attend lectures on domestic and international policy.

General Info

Name Whitman National Debate Institute
Location Walla Walla, WA
Year-round Contacts 509-527-5499
Program Focuses & Features Basketball, Debate, Speech
Grade Range (rising grades) 8-12
Age Range Residential and Day — Coed Ages 13-19
Application Deadline May
Director Jim Hanson, Director
Residential Fee $800-2200, 1-3 weeks.
Year Established 2000
Sponsor Whitman College
Dates & Sessions July-Aug; 5 sessions, 1-3 weeks long


Jim Hanson, Director